As some of you know, I worked as a hospice doctor for several years and got the most privileged insights into peoples lives. What do people really think about at the end, knowing they’re going to step off this mortal coil very soon? It’s often a very reflective time for people – who did I love, what did I achieve and do I have any regrets…..

Why I decided to help people live better

I would often hear of big life decisions that had been put off: “It never felt like the right time”, “We just got on with it”, “I never got round to it”, “We were ok as we were”, “I would have loved that, but never had the courage or knew where to start”….the list goes on. I realised that with coaching, anyone could begin to see the way forward – it’s like the mist clears, a big smile appears and people can see exactly where they want to be heading, and how to get there.

It’s extremely sad to see someone who is at the end of life who is suffering with regret. Even worse, is seeing young men and women who have been unexpectedly given a terminal diagnosis – some were fit and healthy, like you and I, so really didn’t see it coming. I’m determined to help people live their best possible life – it is so very precious, and short.

How our environment shapes us

I never really understood the concept of how your energy can be uplifted in the right place, or getting really excited to get back to your beloved environment, until I experienced it for myself. I think there’s a misconception that you can only achieve this with a lot of money, I don’t believe this to be true – sure, if you’re very wealthy, it’s much easier to be surrounded by people vying to help you, but you can be depressed and disconnected living in a 12 bedroom beach mansion vs. someone who is joyously living on a houseboat. It’s more finding your magic sauce.

Many of us have experienced noisy neighbours, living under a flight path, smell of pollution, intolerable weather patterns, too quiet, too loud, the culture is jarring, or (my pet hate) the toilet flush is hidden behind the raised lid – these things can literally make or break your day. Think also about how the view outside your window can evoke your emotions – do you see fireflies in your garden? The waves on the sea? Snow on the mountain tops? The metropolis? Watching your children playing in the pool? The smell of pine as you look into the woods? We each have our own unique environmental recipe which makes our heart sing. There are many other things to consider when moving, but yes, I believe you can have it all.

It’s all about being able to look inwards, I mean really looking inwards, and being courageous enough to let go of old beliefs holding you back and that lazy devil sitting on your shoulder.


It only remains for me to say, whatever you decide to do, or not to do, with your present location, just don’t be that person who looked back and thought, ‘I coulda-shoulda-woulda, but…’.

Just make the decision.

If it’s helpful, I can send you a free PDF on, “The 4 biggest mistakes to avoid when relocating“. Please just follow the Link here.

Good luck with your travels and I always warmly welcome your feed-back. Thank you.