In 2019, over 381,000 Brits emigrated, and this was on the increase. An estimated 9 million Americans currently live abroad. During lockdown, folk have had the chance to re-evaluate their lives, with more people looking to live somewhere else. People often look to move where the weather, pay and lifestyle is better – but there’s a lot of reasons why people make the move.

Many of those who’ve made the decision head to an English-speaking nation to find new lives. I’ll walk you through some of the pro’s and cons of the 5 most popular English-speaking countries:


The land of opportunity has been a popular place for Brits to live. There are enough time zones mini-cultures and climates to choose from. With 11% of the population claiming British ancestry, you’ll be made very welcome.


  • Travel is easy
  • Great health care
  • Food from every continent
  • Glamorous culture
  • People optimistic & high regard for service


  • People work long hours
  • Visa is usually required
  • Less high street culture
  • Travel involves longer distances
  • Gun crime is a thing


The land of free speech and national pride. The UK has a history, dating back to the Romans, with an established culture which people are drawn to.


  • History and learning is rife
  • Better wages
  • Good amenities
  • Great transport network
  • Music scene


  • Known for variable weather
  • Housing in cities less roomy
  • Salary can be less vs. other English-speaking nations
  • UK food is not everyones’ taste
  • Regional accents can be challenging


The English-speaking cities of Vancouver and Toronto tend to attract US/ UK emigrants. Canada is renowned for its rugged beauty and the great outdoors. Let’s not forget the famous Mounty!


  • World leading outdoor activities
  • Clean cities
  • Universal healthcare
  • Fairness and social justice high on the agenda
  • Good beer


  • Cold Winter
  • Jobs not always easy to find
  • Taxes higher
  • Language and culture varies by region
  • Never openly compare to USA!


This place has long been associated with British travel and a meeting of minds. They say here that the Poms winge, but with the epic beaches and good weather, you won’t be winging for long.


  • Warm climate
  • Culture welcomes British ex-pats
  • Good work/ life balance
  • Cost of living better
  • Spacious homes


  • Long way to travel
  • BBQ at Christmas
  • Society is emotionally tough
  • Internet not 100% everywhere
  • Less cultural heritage (non-aboriginal)


Close to Australia physically, but not close otherwise. The natural beauty has been a film set for Lord of The Rings and many ex-pats happily call it home.


  • Relaxed way of life
  • High level of education
  • Outdoorsy lifestyle
  • Healthy economy
  • Fresh farm-to-table food


  • Sparse living, can feel quiet
  • Public transport spread-out
  • Higher cost of living
  • Weather can be unpredictable
  • Housing quality not always high

There are many more places on this planet where English speakers have emigrated to and remain there, happy with their own slice of paradise.

If you’re still looking for a better understanding of where might suit you, I’m always about for some advice