Spring Clean your life for 2021:

Spring has finally arrived and this often signifies a time of renewed hope. Doing a Spring clean doesn’t just have to be of your home, you can do this with your life too.

  1. Get out a journal/ piece of paper and write down the 5 things in your life that you have been MOST grateful for in 2020. There’s always something e.g. your health, your home, your family etc. Get as detailed as you like – why are you grateful? How can you boost these or get more from  them for 2021?
  2. Next, write down the top 3 things which have caused you emotional or physical exhaustion in 2020? Again, get specific about these, then ask Why? Why did they exhaust you, why did they happen and more importantly, how will you eliminate them (or make them more manageable) for 2021?
  3. If you surround yourself with chaos, it echoes into your life: could be a wardrobe full of clothes not worn since 1999, to a door that never closes properly. What unfinished business around your environment do you need to clean up in 2021? By when?

Go find yourself a quite corner for an hour and really think about these questions, get honest with yourself. You are in complete control here, and you might notice it brings up some difficult issues that you have been trying to ignore perhaps. There is no harm in looking at these in a gentle way and exploring what you could feasibly do to help yourself more – you can always get a friend or partner involved, for their support.


Hope you discover a bit more about what will get you closer to your bliss.