For some time, you’ve been imagining what it would be like to live somewhere else – you may have even browsed the web looking at dreamy homes and destinations, but then passed if off for one reason or another. You continue to settle. But what if it were possible to move somewhere else where you’d be a lot happier? Isn’t that worth looking at more closely?

MYTH #1 – It’s not possible with my job

It’s always possible to find work in another location. Nowadays, more and more companies are advertising ‘remote’ opportunities because they’ve learnt that you don’t always need to be in an office to do the same job, plus, they get to pick who they feel is most suited. Luckily, there are easily accessible recruitment agencies ,and job forums where you can find and message future bosses for future opportunities. If you work for a global company, ask them for a transfer – there’s a load of reasons why this would be a good thing for them; even by asking, they may worry you’ll leave and will help you.

MYTH #2 – It’s too expensive

If you live in Western Europe or America, you’re already paying a premium. So this is all in the planning, the balance of all the pros/ cons of relocating and, there are tactics you can take whereby you can find the place of your dreams, but at an affordable cost. Many companies also offer relocation costs, but you only know this if you read your HR policy, it’s not usually publicised. Also, if you’re not truly happy where you are now, consider how much cash you currently spend on escaping the place, or doing it up to make it more bearable. Wouldn’t it be great to be in a place you love.

MYTH #3 – I wouldn’t know where to start

The location of your dreams is simply a mirror of you. The things you love to do, the people you like to be around, the climate you enjoy the most, food you love, what you like to see when you leave your front door, how important transport is to you and what you are willing to let go of. It all starts with you. It just requires some stillness and asking the right questions – when you start this process, you’d be surprised how ideas start popping.

MYTH #4 – Sounds great, but it’s all too complicated

Cop out. I’m calling you out on this one! The strategy is straightforward, and only requires a bit of soul searching before you execute a research plan, then you get to decide. Like any project, you take one small step at a time – if you’re driving round a country lane towards a destination do you park the car on the side of the road and say, “I can’t see where I’m going, so I’m going to stop driving the car”? No, you don’t. You have a destination in mind which is clear to you, a detailed map to follow and you trust that you’ll deal with any obstacles which may cross your path.

There’s lots of information online to help you get you to your happiest location. If you want more bespoke guidance, as a specialist Location Coach, I invite you to reach out, as I’m always happy to help give some free advice.  /  Quick chat with Doctor V