Why do we do it?

Many of us at some point have made New Years resolutions and probably did well in the first 6 weeks, but a year in and over 76% give up. It’s the same with any new changes that we attempt to make in life, it presents us with challenges and at times, we can find it all too much to deal with. Procrastination is a way for us to justify our reasons for moving away and putting off our original goal. It’s actually normal to feel this resistance, and to procrastinate. You’re human.

How can we defeat procrastination?

  • Get clear on your goal from the beginning – Why do you want this? How will it positively change your life? Write it down and make it visible on a daily basis.
  • When planning actions towards your goal, spend time examining things that might challenge you and adopt actions, as well as support measures for overcoming these potential issues.
  • When procrastination comes knocking, stop. Remember the reasons for your goal and implement your mitigation plan, which you have on standby. It’s much easier to overcome procrastination when you have this plan.

Isn’t it easier to just admit defeat?

Absolutely not. If you have your plan, you can overcome this resistance and despite this expected bump in the road, you’ll be able to keep moving towards your goal. Not only that, but having faced it once, it’ll get easier. It’s all in the planning.

Expect procrastination to happen, be prepared to recognise it and have a detailed strategy in place to tackle it. Believe in your goal, review your plan, regroup your energy and carry on – get familiar with your resilience. There’s no such thing as failure, more a gifted opportunity in which to learn a new way of being. Change is not always easy, but this is how people achieve greatness in their lives. It’s unfortunate that so many procrastinate and give up at the first challenge.

Believe it’s possible.