Not laughed for a while?

Over the last year, there’s been a lot less to laugh about. In fact, it took me a moment of proper belly laughter the other day to realise how much I’d missed it! However, if we don’t have some humour or laughs in our lives, things can get very dull, very quickly and if not properly managed, may even lead to a depressed mood. So come on you, pandemic or no pandemic, read on and let’s create a bit more joy in life.


Laughs and joy in laugh don’t just magically appear in your life, you create situations and invest in relationships to make it happen. It requires effort on your part. The effort is totally worth it, as it actually improves your health: reduces stress hormones, boosts your immune system and is a great belly workout! From a psychological point of view, it can:

  • Help release anger or frustration
  • Bring you closer to others
  • Put other issues into perspective, lessening the overwhelm
  • Get’s you to a better place to sleep more peacefully

How to laugh when feeling isolated

So I bet a few of you are saying, “this is all great Dr. V, but how the heck are we supposed to do this when I’m locked down here?!”. We definitely had to think less about this in the good old days via social interaction, so for the reasons above, make it your priority to now manufacture a situation where you can laugh, at LEAST once a day. It’s not that difficult, it just requires more intentional planning and understanding what it is that tickles you, making it a part of your life. If you need more help to figure out consistent joy in your life, you can always chat with me and I can help.

5 things to make you laugh

  1. Watch something daft on the TV: a RomCom, a Stand up comedian, or for me it’s got to be Gogglebox.
  2. Hang out with a youngster or pet – borrow someone else’s if needs be and take them to the park! They’ll do things which will force you to smile, and your giggle may even break into a laugh.
  3. Pick up the phone and reach out to that old mate or family person that used to make you laugh your head off. Ask them how they’re doing and have a good old chinwag. Even in hard times, there’s always a laugh to be found.
  4. Think of an activity that requires a new skill that you and your partner (or a new date, if single) can go on. I always found things like roller skating, catch it sticky bat/ball game, kite flying, French cricket or frisbee produces a lot of laughs (and maybe some competitiveness). You’re never too old for silliness.
  5. Set up a games night via video link with friends – this way, each household can take part. There are some cracking ideas which have come out of lockdown such as: theme night karaoke, Scribbage, household items scavenger hunt, Trivia or Bingo.