About Me

Doctor V


I’m Verity, and I’ve spent 20 years dedicated to helping people improve their lives.

I used to be a hospice doctor which gave me a privileged insight into end of life regrets and  unrealised dreams, but also the joy from taking steps to make life changes. This is where my passion comes from in helping you to live you happiest possible life. After all, each one of us  deserves to be happy, but it doesn’t just land at your feet – you have to go grab it.


I used to think ‘coaching’ was nonsense, until I experienced it many years ago on a management course. It changed everything. I got myself a coach and achieved things I never thought possible: took up running 5K regularly, started a fantastic career in my own hours, became financially independent, achieved rewarding relationships and wake up each day with intention. I admit that I was wrong about coaching, it really does work.

The coaching industry is still not very well regulated – so I’m completing my internationally accredited Life Coaching Diploma to ensure that I’m as well trained as you can get.


I am a full member of the Association for Coaching. It holds its members to its high ethical standards and promotes best practice amongst a worldwide coaching community.

Feel very privileged to have been asked to be a previous Executive Contributor for BRAINZ magazine which has hosted some extremely eminent coaches.

Association For Coaching